By Air:

Salt Lake's accessibility by air is exceptional. Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the West's major hubs, served by 10 airlines and their affiliates offering over 650 scheduled flights per day. It is also closer to the city it serves than nearly any other airport—only ten minutes from downtown, conveniently located near Interstate 80, off Exit 115B or from Bangerter Highway . Find out more about the airport.

National and regional airlines that fly to Salt Lake City are:

  • Delta
  • United
  • Frontier
  • Southwest
  • Alaska
  • US Airways
  • American
  • Jet Blue

Whether coming from near or far, you can get to and from Salt Lake City on nonstop flights from about 90 major market destinations:

  • Albuquerque N
  • Atlanta GA
  • Austin TX
  • Nashville TN
  • Boise ID
  • Boston MA
  • Chicago IL
  • Portland OR
  • Baltimore MD
  • Charlotte NC
  • Phoenix AZ
  • Rapid City SD
  • Sacramento CA
  • San Francisco CA
  • Seattle WA
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Dallas TX
  • Des Moines IA
  • Detroit MI
  • Newark NJ
  • Raleigh NC
  • St. Louis MO
  • San Antonio TX
  • Spokane WA
  • Grand Junction CO
  • Houston TX
  • Idaho Falls ID
  • Jackson WY
  • New York NY
  • San Diego CA
  • Tulsa OK
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Long Beach CA
  • Kansas City MO
  • Orlando FL
  • Chicago IL
  • Memphis TN
  • Ontario CA
  • Miami FL
  • Madison WI
  • Minneapolis MN
  • New Orleans LA
  • Oklahoma City OK
  • Omaha NE
  • and more

By Car:

Driving to Salt Lake City is a snap. Utilizing I-15, I-215, and I-80, you have easy access to the city from north, east, south and west. 

To get to downtown:

From the north or south
I-15 to exit 306 (600 South)

From the west
I-80 to exit 121 (continue on 600 South)

From the east
I-80 to exit 306 (600 South)


By Train:

Amtrak provides rail service to Salt Lake City from Chicago IL, Denver CO, Reno NV, Sacramento CA, and San Francisco CA.


When You Arrive:

Upon arrival, Salt Lake City has a robust public transportation system that utilizes commuter trains, buses, and light-rail to provide you with access from the Airport all the way up to the ski resorts. Utah Transit Authority offers Trax Light-Rail service (TRAX) from the Airport to downtown Salt Lake. Riders can board at the station and Welcome Center just outside terminal one. Fare is $2.50 and trains run every 15 minutes. Weekday service begins at 5:30 am and runs until 11:30 pm. Buses provide connecting service at many of the Trax stations to get you almost anywhere in the Greater Salt Lake Area. Bus routes can be found across the Salt Lake Valley, Ogden, Utah County and up to Brigham City. There is also a connecting bus route to Park City (which has its own transit system).

Find out more about Salt Lake's public transportation, including schedules and maps, at

*Note: The correct stop to get you closest to the
Sheraton Hotel is "Courthouse", not "Temple Square".

To navigate SLC, knowledge of Salt Lake's famous grid system is a big plus. The entire valley lies on the same grid system. Most major streets are laid out precisely running north-south or east-west. The origin of the grid is located downtown, on the south-east corner of Temple Square. Street addresses are coordinates within the grid system in intervals of 100 every street. For example, one might speak of the intersection of 700 East and 2100 South, or specific numbers as addresses such as 840 South 1300 East.